Corona and Single Life 2020

An issue with Corona Virus keeping us all inside is that if you are single there is not even the HOPE of dating. As a single person I really hate this part, and wish for the end of the home-stay. Before if I had a bad weekend I at least had HOPE of the next week being better…. Even with the Internet around the chances are limited.

You can’t really meet up for dinner at a closed restaurant. I guess you could go for a park walk, or a Pik-Nik in the park, but meet ups at a concert show or DJ night will NEVER happen. Everyone keeps saying this is “no real issue” but yes… It is an issue.

Dating chat pic 1


Corona and Uber

A rough thing about working Uber and Lyft as a side gig right now is that night clubs have closed so male riders are getting extra creepy with female drivers. When is it okay to try solicit your driver as a prostitute? Never! This is why I drive with cameras, and 8 brands of mace, and tasers in my car. Oh well at least I am still working some hours, but I am trying to switch to mostly delivery work after this week. SUPER creepy guys! P.S. I am not now and have never been a prostitute. 

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