Speak-Easy Hot Spots

As public bars shut the rise of pop-up home-bars has been dramatic. It is the “20s” again, and so I guess Speak-Easy hot spots are a thing again as well. Will flappers and bath-tub gin be next? This reminds me of the country song “I’m going to hire a wine-o to decorate our home so you won’t need to roam” where he makes a great home bar!

Bar counter no people

Not the Plague

Good news! I do NOT have Corona virus. The doctor said had a little normal cold mixed with food poisoning and allergies. However I do not have the plague. It is only totally scary being sick in an age where the mass media has created a scare Olympics. My podcast will therefore be returning soon. The next few book reviews will all be on plague books.

Leaving Wednesday

Leaving Wednesday: I had a REALLY great time visiting Austin and visiting many sexy Austin, TX guys. Unfortunately the student friend I am staying with needs to leave town to film a movie. In addition my mom texted me that she really needs me to return to Virginia to help her and my sister’s kids. Plus jobs don’t work themselves. I am therefore returning to Virginia on Wednesday. 

The podcast at FH7publishing.com will return the Tuesday after my return to Virginia. 

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