Unwanted Pics


Funny Facebook Post of the Week:
I sent a few hello notes to guys in online dating… And got 15 unwanted dick picks, and three unwanted offers for a threesome in one hour. Online dating is NOT a great way to meet guys in modern day. I am looking for a boyfriend not a male ho.

I will be out and about downtown to see friends tonight after I do my nails. Obviously I will die of old age alone before I meet anyone nice on Internet dating. I am only just over age 35, and where did all the good guys go? Internet dating was a sad disappointment today.

June 15 at 9:24pm When online dating guys say dumb pervert crap are they just that mean or just that stupid that they think it will work?

11You, Angel Monserate, Joey Giun Toli and 8 others

Andrea E. Menzies I put two guys on user block today for saying dumb pervert crap. Is this the new normal?

Brent Stubbs I am really sorry. As much as pissed as I get when a feminist post lumps all men together. There seem to be a lot of jerks. No one should have to deal with that sort of prepubescent idiocy.

Andrea Menzies: Thank you… I don’t mean to say “all men are the same” but when guys don’t even talk to you before they sent photos of their junk it is pretty gross.

Oscar Sandoval There’s a time and a place for acting like an ass. First impressions are very important. If he’s acting up and hasn’t met you yet expect worse behavior. Just saying.

Carrie Goff My vote is STUPID

Andrea E. Menzies Yea at least they were acting like jerks before I was stuck on a date with them. Yipes asking for a threesome in the first two seconds of messaging a person is WAY over the top behavior.

Peter Nielsen These guys have been watching too much porn and know nothing of real life. Stay away…

Andrea E. Menzies Oh well thanks for being nice guys.

Aimée Fogleman Both

Aimée Fogleman Don’t date save your money lol

Carrie Goff Date yourself! Its awesome.

Christopher Colton Ingersoll They get off on the power of ruining people’s day. They do it just to be mean.

Mark Taranto They are just dumb Andrea. Don’t worry, there are still a few of us decent ones left out there. Good look finding one in your area though.

Christopher Gerken Most guys are unable to get active thinking past the fog of testosterone and stupidity.
Not an excuse, just a statement.

Christopher Gerken Wow, that is quite special. I will freely admit a dark and twisted sense of humor, that quickly goes to flirty and naughty, but “read the room”, get to know the person, and what may or may not be okay to say or do.
Maybe it is in being an old soul, but I do not fathom the current generations that go straight to the dick pics.

Richard Lee Baker Men should not be pervs sad they lack basic social skills

Andrea Menzies: Thank you all for your input. When guys don’t even talk to you before they send photos of their junk it is in fact pretty gross.


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